Matt is a Maltese Artist born in Germany in 1982. His passions have guided him into the arts, industrial design as well as musical avenues, helping him to cultivate a multifaceted faculty of creativity.

In his early years growing up, drawing, painting and building creations out of Meccano and Lego were already part of what would eventually become a life long commitment to expressing this creativity. Something about forms, colours and depth just had his complete attention. He would always carry a little drawing pad and some pens to sketch out any ideas that came to mind whilst away from his studio.

Fast forward a few years, and having completed his secondary education, he was eagerly looking forward to focus on his art & design education, which is where he spent four of the most rewarding years of his education at the Art & Design Institute which is now part of the Malta College for Art, Science & Technology. Following this, he had the opportunities to learn and work in the field of Interior design as a main career.

By this time, I had been accustomed to using various mediums in his art, but had never approached acrylics up until this point. Around 2004, he was given his first art commission where he decided to introduce this medium. With reasonable success and fulfillment, he continued to use this as his main medium, developing various styles and techniques. He has since had four collective and two solo exhibits and was also featured in Volume 1 of The Artists’ Directory published in 2017 by 

His most recent works feature works using acrylics, watercolours and pastels, and styles such as abstracts, figurative, portraits and landscapes. His goal is to stir emotion and thought through his work, that it may fill the lives of others as it has his own.